In 12 days Diana Gabaldon’s new novel “The Scottish Prisoner” will be published in Europe and I can’t wait to read it. Why? Well, I admit, first and foremost because I will finally meet my favourite fictional character again: Jamie Fraser (from the Outlander series). This new novel was originally supposed to be titled “Lord John and the Scottish Prisoner” like most of the stories from the mystery series which feature Lord John Grey (also from the Outlander series) as main character. But obviously Jamie claimed his 50% of the story and was awarded with this stand-alone-title. Nicely done, Mr. Fraser!

My infatuation with everything Outlander-related aside, I think “The Scottish Prisoner” might be an enjoyable read even for those who don’t know anything about the whole Outlander saga so far. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s going to be worth reading for anyone who likes complex, interesting and likeable characters. Who likes reading tales of complicated, passionate relationships. Who likes the occassional awkward moment caused by a lot of unresolved tension. Who likes historical fiction. And who likes a writer who has the guts to start a novel with “It was so cold out, he thought his cock might break off in his hand” Getting interested? Well, you should be, allthough I think, there probably won’t be more sex than that in this novel :-).

Even though this new novel is part of the Outlander saga, I think it’s safe to say that it won’t be necessary to have read any or all of the seven Outlander novels or any of the Lord John stories to understand and enjoy this one. After all it’s not the next book of the series, but instead takes place much earlier in the Outlander canon.
From what I know of the plot and have read in excerpts like the #DailyLines, Diana Gabaldon (aka@Writer_DG) tweets regularily, the characters’ background and their relationship to each other will be explained as the story progesses. Like it’s supposed to be in any good novel anyway. But of course those who have read the Outlander series have the advantage of a more detailed knowledge of the background and especially will know how things between these two men will turn out in the long run.

“The Sottish Prisoner” is set in 1760, a time, which is only a tiny tiny part of “Voyager” (3rd Outlander novel), which in the first 250 (out of the overall 1059) pages gives account of what happened in the 20 years since Claire and Jamie seperated in 1746. Jamie’s life between January 1758 and September 1764 for instance is covered in only two pages. A few more moments are described in some of the Lord John stories, which are set between 1755 – 1764, but most of these six years still remain in the dark, which of course is a perfect opportunity for Diana Gabaldon to shed some light on it now. As the avid Jamie fan that I am, I can’t wait to read every single additional piece of information about this time in his life. Yes I’m that crazy about him. I admit it!

So, what is it about these two complex, interesting and likeable characters and their complicated, passionate relationship, that I think will make it worth reading even for a Outlander novice? An overview about the characters and their situation might explain it. So, let’s travel back in time to April 1760 and meet the two protagonists: Read More →

It seems like I’m finally – slowly, but steady – finding the right line of thought for some parts of the dreaded termpaper. I don’t know if it takes that long and only progresses in snail pace, because I didn’t work on it for so long. Or because I just didn’t quite understand what the questions I had to answer were all about. Probably the later, because that was the reason I willingly failed this assignment in May. Yes, I know I should have spend the summer working on it, but there was so much other stuff to do like ampaigning for three different elections. But now I’m back in the scholarly mood. Well, sort of. I’m getting there… :-)

It’s a good thing I’m not swamped with work assignment at the moment as well, which means I can use some of my time at work for termpaper related research and stuff. I probably should spend much more of my spare time working on it as well, but other things keep distracting me. But I’m rather confident I’ll be able to hand in a decent termpaper this time. Not much earlier than on the last possible date, but still…

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